Is it really Half Way Through??!!

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It’s Monday morning….

Of Easter School Holidays! the second week that is…. so this means we are only half way through? what the?? Why oh why do I feel like I get nothing done whilst the kids are off? ha ha anyone else feel like this?

Well my sons Joey and Ollie have been having a great week off so far! we have

walked the dogs…. lots

gotten wet…. lots

made cakes, biscuits, fruit salads

made random painting, by dripping paint and rolling the canvas around….

Met up with friends and gone to places for children to be basically worn out, whilst us adults have coffee?


However, what I haven’t done with them which, I promised myself I would so with them is a studio session with them? I had this TOP of my list? Also I was going to re edit stuff and do easy stuff whilst the kids play on their computer or watch a film? has this happened? no…. why? because I have watched the movies or ended up watching them play the computers cos let’s face it….. we will no way be as good as them on the computer… though I’m not bad on Mario Kart??

So, I have been feeling low as I haven’t done much work this last week (oh I had wonderful family session though) I digress.

I Promise you AND myself, but if I promise you I will most likely do it for sure!? because that’s how my mind works… ha! ummm… where was I? Oh yes, that I will set up a studio at my office to take photos of my wonderful, growing up too fast boys and do a blog on that?

Here are some photos of our actvities this week anyway, as I really feel like being a photographer every blog should have photos, no?

Let me know how you have felt with the kids off? I do yearn for the routine of school again though, you?


speak soon


Minah xx



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