Want to book me? Here’s what to expect….

Just Enquiring:

Contact me anytime with any questions that you have. There are lots of wedding photographers in in Southampton and even more in Hampshire! We’re all different in some way, choose the right one for you….Most couples ask for package prices and payment terms as a first questions.

I like to see if you would prefer a videocall chat to go through any more questions you have and to see how best I can tailor my services better for you.


Even here, there is no pressure to book. 

You can then go away, chat to other photographers and decide what you want to do in your own time. 


Aah great!! you want to Book…

Once you are happy and have decided to book I will then send you your paperwork; which is all held in your personal Client Portal, where all the paperwork below is held for you – easy 😉

1 – Contract – this is a standard contract that serves both you and me. I ask all clients to sign a contract no matter how small the booking. 
2 – Invoice – this has brief details about your wedding booking, the date and the package you have chosen etc Currently my deposit payment terms at the moment are: £100 booking fee which is to secure your date, and blank it out in my calender, the then balance of your package price is due 2 weeks before your wedding date. 
3 – Questionnaire – This doesn’t need to be filled in until nearer you wedding date but it really helps me know the details of your day, who is going to be there, your shots list for groups – if you want them…. And also confirming addresses and emergency contact telephone number. 

I then bring this with me on the day so that I have your timeline and know where I need to be and don’t pester you on the day.



Once you have paid your booking fee and signed your contract you are Officially Booked!! Yey!! 

But, if you have any questions then please feel free to still contact me! I will contact you 6 weeks before your wedding date to arrange another Video call – “catch up meeting” to go through the finer details and changes that may have happened…. As sometimes it’s two years from booking to your date, so it’s important for me to re connect and see you before your day! 

Having a good relationship with you, knowing you and what you like is really important to me.



WOO HOO!!! It’s your wedding day!! 

So, we will probably have chatted on WhatsApp!? After our “catch up up meeting” and I always like to contact you  the day before, just to put you at ease and see how you are. 

Depending on your package, depends on where I turn up

For example,  The Piccolo Package clients normally want me to start at the ceremony, where I will turn up 30 minutes before your ceremony start time to capture guests arriving, the rooms and capture a nervous Bride or Groom waiting for their Bride or Groom… Sometimes, couples arrive together? It really is up to you, every wedding is unique. 

The Whole Package which is a full day (I normally arrive between 10am – 12am (again depending on what and how much you want captured) to photograph morning preparations. 

Now you can relax and let me capture the story of your day


After Your Wedding Day

Actually, even before the day is done I go home and back up all the images to my hard drives And a cloud backup that I have setup! Those RAW images are so precious to me!!


Most of my time is spent working on your photos! 


Every single image is checked and edited – And straightened! My OCD can’t handle it otherwise ha ha 


Normally within 4-6 weeks – you get your final images

With every package you get your personal online gallery which you can share with friends and family. 


Then, depending on your package chosen I will ask for details for print, USB and frame choices. 


Albums: these get designed after you have seen your gallery and chosen some of your favourite images to help me draft up a layout for you. 


You choose the colours, material, size and wording if any on the front 🙂 

I get so excited when these come through the post! I also try to hand deliver them if you aren’t too far away 🙂


Have you got anymore questions about the process? Contact me anytime x


Giving a print box to one of my clients


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