Is it really Half Way Through??!!

It’s Monday morning…. Of Easter School Holidays! the second week that is…. so this means we are only half way through? what the?? Why oh why do I feel like I get nothing done whilst the kids are off? ha ha anyone else feel like this? Well my sons...
5 Top reasons you NEED a photographer for your Wedding

5 Top reasons you NEED a photographer for your Wedding

I often hear comments such as: “Why do I need to pay so much for a wedding photographer? Everyone has camera phones these or even their own amazing cameras – Surely there is no need to pay a professional? it’s such a massive amount from our...
Don’t regret what these Brides did!

Don’t regret what these Brides did!

I asked some local mums to me Hey Mums, Wanting to write a blog for my photography website! Questions is! Anyone out there been married and didnt hire a professional? and regret it? Well within an hour I got a wave of responses, I though it would be great to hear from...
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What you can get with a second photographer

Thinking of Hiring a Second with your Main Photographer's Package? Well there are a lot of benefits to having a secong photographer and it wont cost you double! All prices will vary but for my couples it's only an extra £300.00 for all day plus you get another 200...