I asked some local mums to me

Hey Mums,

Wanting to write a blog for my photography website! Questions is! Anyone out there been married and didnt hire a professional? and regret it?

Well within an hour I got a wave of responses, I though it would be great to hear from them and pass on what they told me…..

so, read up and hope this helps….


Herry Henderson: “We hired a friend of a friend and the pics they took were fab but I didn’t have any of me getting ready etc or of the reception which would have been really nice. X”

Tabatha McCormick: “We didn’t have a professional photographer, my husband’s bothers are all keen amateur photographers and took photos for us. (We only had a small wedding and I have no regrets. We spent the photography budget on our honeymoon.”

Mel Hutchinson: “me… I had some great photos taken by my brother in law… but they were not the photos I had imagined. i look awful in most of them…there is no imagination and he spent most of the time taking pictures of wildlife and other non-important stuff….there are very few decent photos of me and my husband…the ones that are good were snapshots taken by the guests…. we also bought lots of disposable cameras which guests seemed to think were for them to take home for their own use!!!!”

Linda linham: ” I used to model for an amateur photography club and the guy who ran it did my photos as a present They were ok but not good but as he did it free I didn’t feel able to criticise Maybe it was cause I had my bra on on the wedding day ( thank god) ????????????????????”

Suzi Hayes: ” I wasn’t going to get a professional (not married yet????) but changed our mimd on others recommendations. She seems lovely, so fingers crossed they turn out okay xx”

Laura Adams: “ME!!! ????????”  – Bless her I was a guest at her wedding and hadn’t even thought of becoming a wedding photographer at the time. But I still took my camera and helped her set up, actually, I made her bouquets too as she was on a tight budget 😉 

Anyway, I gave her loads of photos from the day and she said even back then that my photos which I gave straight out of the camera, i.e. no edit!? were better than her photographer, he WAS I do remember £250.00 for the whole day?? so if it seems to good to be true it probably is…

This post made me a little sad at the end…

Anita Curran:  Minah Wilson we couldn’t really afford it at the time and didn’t see it as being that important. Years later I really regret not having the lovely professional photos to look back on. My advice to brides now would be that it is so important for the documented memories, not only of us but of others that are no longer with us x 

I never really thought of that – people that are no longer around, but it made me really sad

AND FINALLY…..  a nice one to end the Blog….

Anna Massey: I love our wedding photos. Our professional photographer was brilliant. He took all the pictures we wanted and more. I love the album he put together and the cd of all the high res pictures was great. When I’m feeling rich I will get the same photographer to take family photos. My wedding photos are worth every penny.
My sister just got a family friend to take pictures. Nearly 20 yrs on she has never got any photos framed or put any in an albums


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