Italy wedding – Varenna, Lake Como

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Lake como, Varenna, Italy Wedding

I first met Kelly at a wedding fayre in Portsmouth, she was originally looking for a photographer for her UK based wedding reception but when I learned that she was getting married in Italy and jumped at the chance to photograph that too! 

The wedding was planned for July 2020!! Yes – the dreaded Covid happened, it was moved to the following year July 2021, but still with the pandemic at large we moved again to October 2021 – this time it stuck and we flew. 

I flew with Kelly, Adrian and her 20 odd guests. It was great because I got to capture the whole story!

We flew into Milan Malpensa Airport, very easy, no stress and then a private coach to drive us north to Lake Como and our destination Hotel Villa Cipressi, Varenna


The Day Before the Wedding

Wedding Eve was fabulous to wander around the cobbled streets of Varenna. Lots of little alleys and stairs that lead do to the lake and eventually the bars and cafes.

A coffee is €2 in most places! and the Best coffee ever! add a croissant for a euro…. sooooo good!

Tea is served black and if you want milk they bring you heated milk, so ask for cold milk.

The are a few touristy shops there on the waterfront and a pharmacist and mini supermarket/newsagents just of the main square back at the top. If you want more larger shops you need to travel to a larger town or we caught a ferry across the lake to Menaggio which had a lot more boutiques and restaurants to look through! The ferry was a few euros return and you can see the famous Villa Belagio where George Clooney & Amal got married

The evening before we all went for a meal BUT….

Unbeknown to the rest of the family, Kelly and Adrian were pregnant!! and the wanted ME to announce it, we planned before we left for Italy that we would have a group photo outside and I normally shout out “let’s have three cheers for the Bride & Groom! hip hip – Hooray, everyone normally shouts.

Well I shouted “everyone shout KELLY’S PREGNANY!!!” – I got a few weird looks and uncomfortable laughs lol , like what a strange thing to say, right!? ha ha it was soon followed by laughter, surprise and lots of hugs and congratulations


The Wedding Day

The wedding day was fabulous, I got up at 6.00am to catch the sun rise and go for a wander… it was well worth it! the views and the sky were just amazing…..


The Wedding

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves but suffice to say this was an epic wedding in and I am now in Love with Italy and would get married there any day!




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