Family Photo Shoots – what to wear

Family Photos


I do a lot of Family & Children’s photos in and around Southampton and I regularly get asked ” What should I wear to the photo session?”

family photoshoot in southampton by the water with grandparents

Wear what ever you are comfortable in firstly, but Casual/Smart I would say works best.

I mean, it’s your shoot right? you gotta be you! but if you would like some tips and ideas I would say:

  • Keep a colour theme – so similar colours between all of your clothes
  • Lighter Pastel tones will keep your images fresh and soft looking.
  • Stay away from large logos, can look tacky and goes out of fashion if you want a timeless shot
  • Less patterns in outfits, keep the patterns simple if you have any or minimal
  • wear comfortable shoes, we will be walking about and playing with the children
  • Accessories are great! scarves, head bands, chunky necklaces, bracelets and rings or even floral crowns 😉 but don’t Over do it.
  • Shoes – these often get forgotten about but they will be in the shoot to choose ones you won’t mind seeing on your wall on a daily basis.
  • LASTLY, I can give you loads of tips but it’s your photo session and we all have different styles and ideas, this is just a general guide so please don’t stress too much but making a plan in the days leading up to your shoot is my BIGGEST TIP!

Here are some Mood Boards to get those creative juices flowing and on what you might fancy wearing:

Mood board of clothes for a family photo shoot - what to wear in light blue colours and cream/beige for a spring summer photo session

This light look is great for spring or summer season Family session


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