Seriously?? You haven’t sent them out yet?

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I was talking to a Bride recently who hadn’t yet sent her invitations!? I was a guest mind, and not the photographer, she had 9 weeks till her wedding day.

So, there we were sat round a table at the pub, catching up! Of course we want to know how the wedding is going?

She dropped this on us and we laughed but were like that’s crazy? Apparently, online she said they advise for 6 to 8 weeks… 6 – 8 weeks?!?!   who advises that? As a guest if I had an employer to ask for time off from, I know this wouldn’t be possible same goes for a lot of people! Not to mention this particular wedding date is a Thursday!? so I am defo having the Friday off too…. I KNOW I will have a sore AND feet for that matter the next day 😉 .

What if your wedding date is on a busy holiday? can you guarantee hotel rooms at your venue and in the area? 6-8 weeks doe’s give much time for that.

We had save the date cards mind…. but not all the guests… ha ha ha Bless her, she will be the most beautiful bride though, two days off for a party and her and her husbands company, I can’t complain xx I did also ask if I could take their Engagement Photos, gotta love a black & white photo xx

So please; give your guests plenty of time man! as soon as you have booked and paid the deposit for the Venue get those invites out as soon as possible! 

What you waiting for?? they will appreciate it


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