I can’t be the only one?!?

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So, this is a shout out to all you working mamas out there! balancing parenthood and worklife, personal life, fitness, love and umm… meditation? cos we call have time for that right? Well – YOU ROCK!

[Side note – father’s rock too but well I love women and supporting women and women that support women]

It’s the middle of the summer holidays and I am totally struggling…..  oh the guilt! the workload and the all new “Mental Overload” yes it’s a thing Sandra….. don’t roll your eyes …

BUT – I’m not the only one, right!?



Seriously, it’s hard right? trying to push a business that is saturated with photographers (talking bout myself here) but same goes for other mums I know trying to run a business! Because;

IT – NEVER – STOPS ….. I go to bed thinking about it and wake up thinking….. did I  upload the whole of that wedding!? (of course I always have…. Mike and Debbie! your photo’s are safe….? yes , no they really are!) but these things go through my mind.

Then, now it’s summer holiday these hang ons I call my children, like, want entertaining and taken out, or else they come into my… MY office!! and want to chat or for me to print pictures of puppies for them (my youngest) to colour in.

Ha ha – I do of course LOVE this all really and I think we have to remind ourselves that one day they won’t come in and sit on a chair swinging their little legs wanting your attention. Or message you on Whatsapp saying can we make some cupcakes then? Which you may or may not have promised them we day before but it got too late as your were finishing editing a wedding.

Concentration face – icing on the cake



One day… I will miss them being like this (or will I? – for now I’m saying yes! ha ha )

So, what to do? well sneak in a little Blog, do a little here and there. I have also;

1- Put my boys into school holiday club a few days a week.

I always was against this if I could help it, played in the day with them and worked in the evenings, so then I’m tired, nagging the next day as I couldn’t sleep from Computer staring Brain – that’s an official medical thingy. So, I have put mine into Icon Sports Coaching, they get dropped off at 9am in their school grounds and picked up at 4pm. That’s longer than a SCHOOL day!! amazing ha ha and they came home buzzing their first day…. why didnt I do this sooner? you can also just do mornings or afternoons if a whole day feels bad, but seriously, they are all the better for it and so are you! leaving you wanting quality time with them. Bonus – work done!

2- Make sure you do either exercise or gym.

Trust me! people don’t say this to be a nag, it Actually makes a difference. So, I have been getting up at 5.45am to get to my gym, do a proper work out weights n all. I Never come out thinking that was a waste of time and I always feel that if I get nothing done that day at least I have spent over an hour at the gym, Wednesdays, is my slow gym day so will do 30 minutes cardio then 30 minutes in the pool, sauna and jump in the outside pool! loadsa benefits to this, on another blogg maybe?

3- Plan your working week.

Set certain day for certain things, this treasure of advice came from my husband. I was sporadically doing things. And not feeling like I get anywhere. I have a routine at home, like Mondays are cleaning the house day, ironing etc and sorting stuff! and I will list what I want to do. so why on earth am I not doing this for work??

For example, Tuesday mornings – marketing, posting on instagram blogging…. (though side note Minah! it’s Friday night!? ok ok it doesnt always work, kids are at Nanny’s though so I’m fitting in an hours work – see above Minah!!)

And during the summer aka Wedding Season, it’s all taken up by emails, checking forthcoming wedding details and editing weddings 🙂 love love LOVE

4- Mindset 

Ha! this is probably the hardest one right? It takes real practice…. like yoga 😉   to control your thoughts. What has helped me is massively is a guy called Ekhart Tolle, he is amazing to listen to, for me anyway. Find someones that helps you, self help and all that – it really works

Anyway, this books has sold millions around the world and Oprah Winfrey has said it’s like her Bible!  Ekhart Tolle – The Power of Now   You tube him! he does Lots of talks and talk of the Ego so so much – this little voice and crushes you, makes you feel like you’re failing at everything and sometimes, what’s the point.

Funny – I would listen to him all the time when putting away the washing, stick him on You Tube and listen, it also stopped my mind overthinking and stressing me out. win win!

The main thing it has taught me is  BE IN THE MOMENT  – just enjoy the here and now, when you are w


ith the children, take in everything and stop your mind wandering… stop thinking about work, it’s the Now, the precious time you have NOW!  work will always be there, there will ALWAYS be more washing, cleaning, pics to put on bloody instagram!

When you’re in bed, trying to sleep and your thoughts are racing, he


art is pounding, you can’t cope, your head just goes round and round, yup, me too….. concentrate on now. Think about your breathing, slow it down, how does your head feel on the pillow, how is the soft duvet tucked around you. smile you are taking time to lye there and just be 🙂 Listen the the noise outside, even the traffic, just take it in and I never know what follows because by now I am fast alseep.

Day at Bournemouth beach

My youngest – love this face



Gosh – this was meant to be a short helpful Blog but it fast went serious and a bit long?? sorry about that, what else would you recommend to help balance our busy lives these days? I would love to hear any tips what helped you and if any of this you do?? or if you are going to try any of the above?

Thanks for reading


Lots of Love


Minah xx



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