Sometimes…. there is a wedding that you know you will always remember! This wedding was one of them.

Firstly, it was on September the 1st! which is my birthday and I had originally kept this weekend free but, Sarah had phones me about a month beforehand as they were organising their wedding rather late and Sarah was so lovely on the phone and had actually called me from Hospital where she had been quite ill. There only wanted around 3 hours for the ceremony and a few group shots afterwards to be captured and I couldn’t say no.


Their ceremony was at  Church of St Johns , Boldre, New Forest! It was a wonderfully romantic little ceremony with only their nearest and dearest for the intimate wedding ceremony.

Afterwards we went to James’ parents home in the New Forest where they moved from South Africa.

Well it was a beautiful sunny day so we manage to stay in their garden with views of grazing fields in the New Forest for the remainder of the afternoon.

There was lots of Champagne which was brought over from France where James’ Uncle goes every year to help cork it? how amazing is that??

Sarah’s choice of drink however what a Gin & Tonic, I’m totally with her on that one.


I absolutely, loved being present at this wedding and it was a real pleasure to capture such an intimate day. I think James was most impressed however at how I managed to get their family dog to sit and look at the camera 😉 I was kinda relived too.


Thank you so much


Much Love


Minah xx

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