Well this wedding is certainly one that I will always remember and can’t WAIT to do another one here!!

For this wedding was held at The Hawk Conservancy in Andover, Hampshire.  So yes – as you guessed there were Lots of birds and it was a fun filled packed day.

Nicky & Matt actually first met me through a mini shoot session that I did for them at Lepe Beach in 2017, I think they were testing me 😉 as they had mentioned that they were getting married soon, so my fingers were already crossed that they were going to choose me for their special day.


Obvs…. I wasn’t disappointed, otherwise this wedding gallery post would be pointless. I digress…

They had an early ceremony so we had a quick morning preparations session at Hawk Inn, Amport

We arrived at the Hawk Conservancy with plenty of time but, ha ha this makes me chuckle, in her hurry to get ready Nicky had put her dress on over her PJs and forgotten to take the bottoms off… so there is a pic in the gallery with her PJs still whilst she was waiting for confirmation that the coast was clear to go up to the ceremony room – too cute x

The ceremony room was at the back of one of their fields where hold some shows, so as guests they had a great view, high up on the balcony and also close up as they flew the vultures onto the balcony also. It was pretty cool!

The ceremony was really beautiful but I LOVE anything different and Nicky & Matt had an owl fly their rings up the isle and land on Matt’s hand whilst Nicky undid the string tying the ring bag to the owl. It all happened super quick but the guests loved it. Luckily too I had a trusty assistant Nicola Baker Photography at the other end of the aisle to capture these shots too.

All this is great but the star of the show wasn’t the birds…. no no it was Matilda – Nicky & Matt’s little daughter. She was THE cutest thing there for sure! She laughed the whole day, wouldn’t stick around for many photos ha ha but smiled all day none the less and like an umbrella xx


Ooh the newlyweds also got a private showing of a Barn Owl which they both got to hold and for us to take advantage and take Lots of photos of too.

If you would like a wedding with a difference and to have lots of entertainment of a different variety I highly recommend the Hawk Conservancy. The staff were fabulous on the day and ofcourse all the monies they raise from you booking your wedding goes straight back into the conservation efforts and helping all the beautiful birds at the sanctuary and around the world believe it or not….. I learnt that at one of their talks on the day 😉


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