Chris & Jenny were so relaxed on their wedding day….. well, maybe Chris was because of his hip flask ? 😉 so glad I got a snap of that, such a great part of the story.

I met them almost 2 years before their planned wedding date, where I also met little Joseph, their gorgeous little boy! so, when they decided on an engagement session we all agreed it should also include Joseph and be basically a family session. I got married after having children also and for me, they were part of the day and of course the story book which I like to tell? to not have them at my engagement session would have felt wrong!

I met them shortly before their ceremony at Bartly Lodge Hotel, in the New Forest. Though the sun was out there were intermittent showers, not that anyone noticed it was still a glorious day and people soon turned up all in their finest.

The ceremony room was so light and beautiful, with beautiful views onto the garden.

I loved how emotional Chris got as Jenny was walking down the isle as let’s face it…. every Bride wants a few tears from their Groom when they see them being walked towards them.

Hopefully, the photos show you what a wonderful day it was, what great speeches there were, the best topped up his speech with photos to embarrass the groom (nice touch) but, mostly I hope Jenny and Chris will look at these photos for years to come and be able to re live this day like it was yesterday xx

Speak soon

Minah xx

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