A lot of people, when choosing somewhere to get married turn their nose up at a registry Office… or is that Register Office? I always get confused.

However, Winchester Register Office is just beautiful!! it has such lovely rooms that you can choose from and close by places where you can get great photos of everybody. Look at the gem I found through Helen and Rik!!

It really was a beautiful room at Winchester Register Office, the bride and groom read their own vows which was so heartfelt and they had 2 readings also.  The light from the front of the room – photography wise – for me was just to die for….  what do you think?

Anyways, I digress as per usual…. Then we went for a wonder with ALL the guests.

Their reception was at Itchen Abbas & Allington Village Hall. As you can tell they did so much worked late the evening before to decorate and prepare the hall themselves.


It was another hot June Day with clear skies, so hardest to photograph outside tbh – ha! but we made it work and found some shade for a few of the couple shots 😉 but the light worked well for the Green Jackets Parade Ground.


Helen looked just beautiful in her dress and styled hair! I absolutely LOVE the Corsages that she had made for her bridesmaid and herself, so difference and they didnt get lost….. 😉  These were done by The Blooming Workshop in Kingsworthy.


Some of my favourites photos are of Rik’s boys with their Grandad, such special moments. But by far I love the Parade Ground! epic photos and totolly different.

They decided to only have me for half the day, again great way to save on costs btw but great for me as I then went to a family gathering in the evening – win win!!


Thank you Helen & Rik, it was a pleasure xxx

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