Helen & Nick

Helen & Nick met me well around a year ago at the their house. I instantly knew I would like them! they were massively fond of cats and had pictures of primates etc all over their walls xx

On her engagement session Helen wore some amazing Irregular Choice shoes full of Glitter and Ice cream….. Of course her wedding shoes were from the same designers

They had their full day at Marwell Hotel, and the ceremony room was dressed in so many fairy lights and the chandeliers I always like anyway.

They had a small party but the people were so fabulous in personality including an Italian family with a very strong Matriarch (which I LOVE) she was also like Nick’s second mum I soon learned so made sure to get lots of photos of her too 😉 especially boogieing away on the dance floor!

Nick and Helen made me feel like one of the wedding party and I will always look back on this day and smile! what a privilege and I hope to photograph them again.

Favourite parts for me were:

Thanks again


Minah xx

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