Katie and Dan were first introduced to me through Claire Fay, a fellow photographer of Au Fay Photography .

Claire was the second photographer of the day and I must say it was definitely more fun working with Claire being my partner in crime.


Katie & Dan’s whole day was spent at Chilworth Manor in Southampton and it was a packed day from the beginning with having 9 Bridesmaids to get ready in the morning!

It was also lovely to have my amazing Cousin there as a guest And the Make Up Artist! a family affair almost 😉


Anyway,  it was one of the hottest days on record…. so far… certainly felt like it but it just make the day more electric and non stop fun!


I loved that Katie had different colour bouquets for each bridesmaid and they got to choose which one they prefered – totally a relaxed bride and we loved her all the more for it!



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