I first met Amy at my son’s football club after school! she booked me when I have really just started photographing weddings as a business! I then saw her nearly every Monday at Football club for about 18 months! so by the time her wedding came around it was just like attending a friends wedding! It was also the first Horse drawn carriage I had photographed! how magical is that!! Amy always had a love of horses and these certainly didn’t disappoint! Bradly and Lucy their two children got to ride in the carriage with mum and Grandad all the way to Botleigh Grange Hotel & Spa  in Southampton. We kept the couple shots low and didn’t venture far so that they could get back to the party once we had a few key shots! There were quite a few children on the day also so I had great fun chasing these around the garden and capturing them…. well…. being children!


One of my favourite photos is of Lucy sat on a fallen tree at the back of the hotel, also at the front of the house there is a fabulous Bull!! which as if it knew! came up to us by the fence and “posed” for some photos! see…. they are intelligent and gentle too x

True to form! I left rather late from the party as I enjoyed it so much! and one of the picture by the lake is always showcased on a canvas at my wedding fayres!

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