Southampton Based Photographer

Minah Wilson

I’m so happy to be able to call myself a photographer! Seriously, from accounting for 10 years to doing my passion and hobby all those years ago I feel so lucky to be able to enter peoples lives and capture their special moments. Weddings are an amazing buzz but I do Love children, so family and newborn photo sessions really keep me smiling! Especially if I get cuddles from the little ones.


I guess, being a mum of two boys (born 2007 and 2010) definitely helps. But, I naturally like being with people and am a natural people pleaser….. both a strength and a weakness believe me 😉


The great thing about photography is being creative! I guess similar to gardening which I enjoy in my rare spare time. Most of my spare time though is taken up with family events and my two dogs, Gizmo, a cocker spaniel and Kiki my little adopted chihuahua cross from Romania.


So, I read on a Google search of how to write your “about me section” that I have to write “Why Choose Me?”


Well, I like to think I can get on with anybody and am always wanting to get a smile from people. My photos are very natural and honest I would say. Not too much posing but more talking to get reactions and to get people having fun with genuine laughter and emotions. My favourite comments are when people say they are in tears from some photos I have created as I really think a good photograph as well as being beautiful should tell a story and evoke emotions. Maybe they will be personal to the owner but the photos I take are for you! I get to know you and your family and really photograph from the heart! The amount of weddings I have had a tear or laughed loads with the guests or parents I’ve lost count.


But just know, that each session or day, is personal to you and being Virgo… a perfectionist I put in my heart and soul to my craft & art and hopefully this shows.